Saturday, October 31, 2020

About Our Association

The HMS LIVERPOOL ASSOCIATION was commissioned on 21st January 1983 with the intention of maintaining links with the “SOUTHAMPTON” Class Cruiser and the current “SHEFFIELD” Class Type 42 Destroyer.

The first ship to bear the name Liverpool was a Fifth Rate Frigate of just 681 tons built in the city of Liverpool, and the current Type 42, also built in the city, is the seventh. Between the two were three frigates and two cruisers which both saw service in the two World Wars.

Membership of the Association is open to all officers and men who have served in HMS Liverpool at anytime. The aim of the Association is to preserve pride in the two classes of HMS Liverpool and to continue to foster the friendship and comradeship formed when serving as a member of the ships’ company. There are however no ranks within the Association.

An annual reunion is held on the second Saturday in June normally at the RN & RM Gunnery and Missile Instructor’s Association Clubhouse on Whale Island, Portsmouth. The reunion takes the form of an informal get together over a buffet lunch where members and their family and friends can get together for a drink and spin dits of runs ashore and stories of the ships life.

The current secretary is John Parker (Fez) who served on the last ship from 1983 to 1986 as CCMEA(P). He took over the mantel of Association Secretary in 2008 from John Water MBE whom was a founding member of the Association having served on the cruiser.

Applications for membership should be made to the secretary by using the Application Form.