Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Ships

Seven ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Liverpool after the city of Liverpool, whilst another was planned:

  • 44-gun frigate, built as HMS Enterprise but renamed before being launched in 1741. She was sold in 1756 and became a privateer. She was reacquired by the Navy in 1759 and entered service as the 30-gun HMS Looe. She was sold in 1763.
  • 28-gun sixth-rate frigate launched in 1758 and wrecked in 1778.
  • 50-gun frigate, later reclassified as a fourth-rate ship of the line, launched in 1814 and sold in 1822.
  • Was to have been a 58-gun fourth-rate Southampton class frigate, ordered in 1825 and cancelled in 1829.
  • Fourth-rate screw frigate launched in 1860 and sold in 1875.
  • Town-class light cruiser launched in 1909 and scrapped in 1921.
  • Later a Town-class light cruiser launched in 1938 and scrapped in 1958.
  • Type 42 destroyer launched in 1980 and deployed to the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War (Operation Telic). She remains in service as of 2011.

The name Liverpool was also the former name of the ship-of-the line HMS Imaum, which was taken into the Royal Navy in 1836 as a gift from His Highness the Imaum of Muscat to the British crown; however the name Liverpool was not used in the Royal Navy for this ship.

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